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Classic midlife crisis leads to obsessive running, a new book and a new marriage. Cathrine Ndlovu, 32, from Manchester, was on a dream holiday when she was struck down with a mystery illness. After losing the ability to walk, talk and see, she's now on the road to recovery. Nassim Soleimanpour, who remains silent throughout, invites a different actor to join him onstage at each performance and star in his unrehearsed play. The decision to move the Copa Libertadores final to Spain is a failure of leadership, organization and governance. But it also is a precedent teams and fans may come to regret. In Elemental, at BAM Fisher, the dancers do something elementary They teach you to listen, while playing the building like an instrument. When mans best friend gets too fat, that pet becomes a potential fitness aid for its owner. This multimedia adaptation for the era of TED Talks and smartphones is visually and aurally striking, but it lacks the spookiness of the original novella. After voters defeated a measure that would have curtailed construction, the citys future looks much denser. The decision to shutter the conservative magazine was contentious, with one of its founders calling the closing a murder and an entirely hostile act. In an unsettling year, Pete Wells finds many reasons to cheer.

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