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Can I take Dayquil on an empty stomach? If you have any questions, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Take this medication by mouth with or without food or as directed by your doctor. If stomach upset occurs, it may help to take this medication with food or milk.
What does covered in full mean? Covered in full : Services your health plan pays for in full, at 100% of the allowable charges, and not subject to your deductible or coinsurance. For example, most preventive care is covered in full by many health plans. Deductible: The amount you pay every year before the plan begins to pay for most services.
Is insomnia a side effect of Lexapro? Adults. The most commonly observed adverse reactions in Lexapro patients (incidence of approximately 5% or greater and approximately twice the incidence in placebo patients) were insomnia, ejaculation disorder (primarily ejaculatory delay), nausea, sweating increased, fatigue, and somnolence.
Why do you have to eat before taking medicine? To reduce side effects of stomach irritation, including indigestion, stomach inflammation or ulcers. Some medicines can irritate the stomach, and taking them with food will reduce this effect. Things such as biscuits or a sandwich, or a glass of milk, are usually enough.
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